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Consulting & Strategy

With the trend of augmenting ideas into reality, there are ample number of products or services available in the market. Not all are earth shattering, and those which are, are not successful just as a product or service, but because the great idea was shaped into the resulting product.

Our forte lies in shaping the idea, where we define a map of the idea, identify the challenges around it, and finally discover the target model which is the complete pie that needs to be cooked. Our focus group primarily evaluates the idea and determines the target market to break the ice.

Conception Stage (WHO: Business Consultants & Strategists)

  • Defining the business objective around the idea or the real problem
  • Identify the challenges and the risks to translate the idea into a vision
  • Evaluate the idea, target audience and the target market
  • Assess the idea, whether it’s a good market fit and identify the potential market opportunities
  • Establish the channels of communication and the key resources
  • Develop a Business canvas of the idea, which defines the USO, CapEx, OpEx and ROI
  • Draft the current state of the Vision, build a Sustainable model and the stage of Expansion and Hyper Growth
  • Craft the Operations, IT, Sales & Marketing pillars around your product to drive the Business efficiently with long term sustainability model
  • Define the Key Performance Indicators around your Business, Product, Operations, Sales and Marketing enabling you to measure the benefit realization and overall objectives
  • Go or No-Go Decision

Discovery Stage (WHO: Product Managers, User Experience, Business Analysts & SMEs)

  • Perform Competitor Analysis, User-centered research, Empathy Sessions, & Brainstorming workshops
  • Define the Target Business Process Model
  • Shape the idea into a bespoke technology solution, emphasizing on intelligence over artistry
  • Critique each solution, and consider those that have the best chance of achieving the long-term objective
  • Develop High-level and Low-level designs of all the processes and workflows
  • Pick winning solutions from the sketches and weave them into a storyboard and craft a prototype/wireframe
  • Go or No-Go Decision

Market Evaluation

Spanning from a challenge of staying competitive to driving a new idea in the market, we specialize in evaluating the business for you. Our intelligent service measures all the data points of diversified segments in the market and derives fact-based numbers through our social media listener and artificial intelligence mechanism. The Market evaluation is the key factor to envisage the local and global reach and adoption of the end product or service, failure to obtain the subject to information here may result in failure to market acquisition. Performing thorough validation & extensive market analysis, we help you determine your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), when to scale & when and how to go disrupt the market.


  • Identify the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your business and the Customers who would benefit
  • Will your product or service make a difference in the market and how
  • Identify the competitors, their USP, strengths, weaknesses and strategy
  • Listen to what their customers are saying on social media and other digital platforms
  • Identify the emotions and interactions of the end Customers in the Target Market
  • Derive statistical data utilizing our social media listener to make data-driven decisions
  • Develop unique strategy for your product keeping you a step ahead of your competitors
  • Define a roadmap for Customer Acquisition utilizing appropriate Communication Channels

Digital Solution

Digital word has been buzzing for a decade and is now the summit where everyone aims to hoist their flagship product. Thousands of Digital solutions go live every day, but not all make it to the top featured list. Our ultimate objective is to impact lives positively, and we are critically aligned towards cooking best recipe when it comes to serving a Digital Solution on the plate. We operate a bit distinctly, where we do not dive into the technology and solution proposition unless we see the plethora of value in it.

But when we undertake the delivery initiative, our experts drive the end-to-end solution in the most effective environment. We implement the best industry practices and evangelize the vision into a successful product by executing it smoothly, strategically and predictably.

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