Things to keep in mind before you start

“You know what, I have got an idea which will shake the entire market. Certainly, my idea will now be developed as a new digital solution which will woo the customers.”

This eureka moment strikes a lot of mind, but if you read the above statement again you may observe the devil is in the details from the idea to the digital solution. Let’s look at this critical journey which brings a lot of underlying elements of surprise to the surface.

Having a unique or disruptive idea alone is not enough anymore, as there stands a competition out there in the market. Transcending your idea to a successful product is a huge investment of both time and money, and with that comes the risk which can lead to damaging mistakes.

Many great minds developing their idea, believe their app is the next big success story but, it is equally important to remember there are nearly 6000 apps launched each day. Not to discourage, but many new apps published on the Play and App Store fail soon post launch. Several factors may lead to this kind of hole in your pocket, but a robust business canvas is sure to make your idea a success and if not, at least save you from any forthcoming setback.

Allow us to guide you through this digital journey, where we set a context of quid pro-quo meaning your success is our contentment.


A big success starts with the seed of an idea, but to transform your idea into a successful business requires a strategic yet structured approach in its entirety.

For once in our lives, we have all known of a dartboard and furthermore, the circles start from the bull’s ring (usually means the green outer ring), with compressed bristles inward boiling down to bull’s eye. Everyone dreams of hitting the bull’s eye, but in due course we all forget that each player starts with a score of 501 which means the other outlined bristles are a must for consideration.

  • Target the bull’s eye i.e. chalk out the real problem you want to solve and for whom
  • Target the bull’s ring to identify the real market which will benefit from this value proposition
  • Brainstorm the idea and define the solutions solving the real problem as well as the relative ones
  • Market is all about research, research & research, consider this as the cornerstone you will know about this as we speak
  • Resolving any real problem delivers a value, craft your unique selling point that blows your competitors out of water
  • This journey involves cost, and so is the idea expected to generate revenue; you are right as this needs to have a monetization strategy
  • Out of all the odds we read above, comes the secret. Develop the Business Canvas, this will shape your idea into a reality

“2 heads are better than 1” Our focus group drives this stage of conception with as much sweat and tears you may add to refine the business objectives.

Market Opportunity Analysis

A thorough market research is the pre-dominant factor to make the first move. A deep dive into the market to define the market size, growth, potential share, and so on. Essentially you need to determine if there is any existing contemporary offering in the market;

If yes, then in retrospect identify a gap that your idea will fill-in, serving a complete solution to bring the difference.

If no, then you stand a winning chance to dive into the market and position your offering being the first. However, this is not the only driving factor to move forward. Let’s look at the other key areas which need to be in place.

  • What is their unique selling point?
  • Who are your competitors and their strategy?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are their customers saying on social media?

You must be thinking on how to obtain answers; worry not we will drive the answers for you. Our resources and expertise do far more than just Competitor and SWOT analysis, we come with explicit insider view to obtain statistical data using our social media listener to help you make a data-driven decision at each step.


Have you ever imagined that a website or mobile app enables your business to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unlike your physical store or office? This enables your regular and potential customers to view your products or services at their convenience even when your store or office is closed. Even more they can make a direct purchase online without waking you up from sleep.

Let’s consider you don’t have tangible goods, but a service. Now your office is closed, how convenient it is, that your customer can still have the access you and your services digitally and simply book your service by making an appointment or scheduling it online.

A potential customer who would like to contact you, can now simply leave a message on your website using your Contact form.

Pie of Art

Unless you have a visual that is acknowledged by the sense perception, your idea is but an imagination. You need to add a touch of art, to foresee how would your cooked pie look like for your Customers to have a bite.

Excuse the kitchen language, what we meant here is to allow your end users to see how your idea will appear to them and to yourself, it is vital to develop the wireframes. The first and the most important piece of creating an application.

Remember great minds think alike and you’re not the only one in this world. And developing wireframes is the best practice for many reasons;

  • Every detail of a project is drawn, this avoids doing the exact same thing done by your competitor and, add value to the known pitfalls
  • You have a clear visual on how the end application would look like
  • Customer emotions are kept to core, what experience do you want your users to have while using your application
  • Helps identify the screen to screen workflow and define how many screens you need to have, what each screen must contain, and how all these screens be linked to each other

If you consider this as a minor thing to spend your time worth, may result into:

  • Finding out someone else is already doing the exact same thing in the exact same way, which means there’s no value proposition
  • Ambiguity in vision, both to yourself and the development team
  • Hole in your pocket by 189% cost overruns during the development as you may end up into an indefinite loop of iteration trying to perfect the workflow
  • Unbelievably delayed launch in the market, which shall indirectly cost you both time and money

This is the masterpiece of entire initiative you undertake. This is where we give our hand, performing empathy sessions to understand the real sentiments your users may experience while using your app. User experience is the key to drive the user engagement, don’t be mistaken to limit UX to Usability only, there are many branches to it right from being Accessible to Desirable.


Irrespective of the business you are into, a website or a mobile app is a perfect platform to demonstrate your work or area of expertise. You can visually or textually present your portfolio by including images, videos and even Client reviews and testimonials and communicate the differentiating factor of your business.

Not only can you share the greatest piece of your work, but also give back to the community the most valuable information or educational articles increasing their level of awareness and keeping them abreast.


Technology keeps evolving, and the smart way to think about it is “better to be safe than sorry”. In this era of continuous advancement in technology, there are tons of approaches, methodologies, and programming languages used diversely for building mobile applications and they come with their own  pros and cons: some being cheaper but may result into lower performance, whereas, others are more robust but cost you wholesome.

Any app development can be classified in two parts: the front end and back end. Anything that you see, touch, and engage will be the front end; whereas the engine that enables your application to function is known to be the back end.

Choosing a technology wisely is based on numerous factors; and few that you need to consider are:

  • What’s the size of your application?
  • Is it inclined towards artistry or more to do with intelligence or algorithms?
  • Are you aiming at localized market or planning globalization?
  • How critical is the data to your business and to the users or does it record transactions?

Where end users remain at the heart of your business, Technology fuels the very survival elements. Deciding technology factors in the accessibility, scalability, flexibility, and the security making your application robust and your business future-proof. Technology also contributes heavily towards selecting your Software Delivery Partner and determines the long-term investment as you operate the business as usual.

Marketing Strategy and Launch Buzz

Few great minds have had success with their marketing ability alone. If there has to be any possibility that significantly impacts your app’s success, it’s the go-to-market strategy and amplifying it, including but not limited to your branding awareness, market-readiness activities, promotional campaigns, and your overall digital presence.

Some of the key resources you need to align before you outline your Marketing roadmap are:

  • Branding
  • Channels
  • Content
  • Localization

A word of caution, the marketing outreach is the persona of your business building the relation with many lives, so the essence of empathy is the critical driver to establish a lasting existence. Your strategy must ensure Customers interests are duly accounted above the marketing interests.

Bear in mind:

  • Customers need a solution that solves their problem or purchase something valuable, not your product
  • Customers would like to know the complete cost to purchase, use or dispose your product.
  • Customers must experience easy accessibility when it comes to purchasing and using your product, convenience is the key.
  • Customers must have a provision for a two-way communication with the Business who owns the product.


Are you thinking is it too early to plan the marketing, where the development hasn’t even started? If not started now, you will end up with an unprepared marketing while you launch your solution adversely resulting to overwhelming efforts and poor results.

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