Why Home Solutions and not anyone else?

At Home Solutions our ultimate objective is to bring a difference with evolving technologies and changing lives, making it better and simpler. Our seeking is to maintain well-being and while we are not all-profit, we strive to wake you up by saying, “Everyone’s breathing your success”.

How are we different?

Your idea is not just an imagination, it’s creative and a valuable vision to impact lives and economy in one way or the other. But will it truly make the contribution, is the real question?

When spoken of vision, clarity is the key driver. Our business operates distinctly, we do not delve into any digital solution unless both our Customer and Us are completely convinced of the potential result. Our team of Business Consultants and Strategists help you complete the jigsaw and have clarity in the vision aligning your Business objective and the target market & audience. We draft the entire business canvas model, which then arrives us to a conclusion, “Let’s do it”.

Knowing the idea is unique or disruptive is good, but is it good enough to translate your vision into reality? Developing a Digital solution in the form of Web or Mobile Application is easier said than done. Sure, we all have either read or heard about the development has often made a hole in Client’s pocket, let’s understand why.

According to the CHAOS report 2015, 21% of the projects across the world have failed before even going live, 55% of the projects have been impaired and only 24% of the projects have been delivered successfully. It’s been proven over time, that majority of the projects for which discovery wasn’t done have been successfully delivered, however with cost overrun by 189%. Discovery plays an instrumental role in establishing the visuals that will decipher your idea and vision.

Our team of Product Managers, User Experience & Business Analysts discover the end-to-end visuals of the idea composing the Wireframe by performing extensive competitive analysis, gap analysis, value stream analysis and user research. Our discovery aligns the digital solution to your valuable idea and furthermore, the detailed specification of all the functional & non-functional capabilities are documented in a structure which brings absolute clarity for application development.

Having a twisted stomach lacking confidence in the development process? Is the development company technically strong? Will they be able to deliver on time and within budget?

At Home Solutions, we implement best practices and by employing flexible approach by executing it smoothly, strategically and predictably in an agile environment. We maintain transparency throughout the development and address any communication proactively. In fact, the tools adopted by us for Communication and Project Management keeps the stakeholders both internal and external abreast of everyday progress. Where we publish Weekly Status Reports and conduct bi-weekly review meetings as part of our Communication strategy, our controlling and monitoring platforms enables our Client’s to access the development progress at any given time.

We drive every initiative with a share responsibility and ensure the solution is delivered within the defined tolerances for the 3 key constraints Time, Quality & Cost. In a nutshell, we strive to wake you up with a buzz of testable and successful solution.

Disheartened by the performance of your existing development company? Is it taking forever by the development company to deliver your project? Fearful of making a decision whether should I change the development company? So far what has been developed, will that be a sunk cost?

Don’t be disappointed, we do excel in transitions of the projects. Our team of business analysts and technocrats will diligently accentuate the end-to-end implementation. We don’t just develop; our area of expertise does span to performing code audits and maintaining conformance when it comes to standard coding practices. We closely evaluate of what has been developed already and ensure what you’ve already invested is not wasted by any means, because we care. Our objective is to ensure the continuity of your initiative and drive it to the market just as you expected.

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