Why Would I need a Website or a Mobile App?

Gone the age of pen and paper, now it’s time to go-digital & go-green. Why not contribute to the well-being of our society eco-system and the very environment we breathe, while we reap benefits from the digital nuance.

Here I am the digital me, I am the business and I am in it for the long haul. YES, it has saved me a bricks-and-mortar address.

Having a Website or a Mobile App for a Business is not just anymore a fancy digital presence, but the very means to survive or thrive in the competitive world. Days where communication was published on News Channels, News Papers, Radios and Brochures widely impacted the audience, now these very channels of communication have gone digital adopting the website and mobile apps. Audience is so forward today, that they want everything in the palm of their hand. In other words, people prefer accessing anything and everything from information to purchases to talking all of it digitally. Out of many reasons, let’s take a minute to understand why you would need a website or a mobile app.


A shop with huge volume of sales is now experiencing diminishing customers, why?

Increasing number of people these days are constantly searching online for what they want, be it just to acquire heap of information, solution to their problem, comparing prices or even to purchase. Now simply imagine if you don’t have online presence, how many of your existing and potential customers will move to your competitor who do. Be it you sell a burger or an apparel or cater beauty or health service, it is no longer a question of whether your business needs a digital presence – because it undoubtedly does.

Having digital presence not only provides your audience the information they are looking for, but also develops credibility for your business. Technically the number of visits and the repeated views contributes to the listing of your business presence online and over the period features your business on the organic listing.

Save More

Just think about the savings you may do;

  • If not all, most of the information is saved, displayed or made available on your digital platform saving you reasonable spends on stationaries.
  • Cost of traditional means of marketing like promotional materials, newspaper advertisements, or radio commercials to reach your target audience can now be managed all from your website, making it cost effective yet promoting your business in a longer term.
  • Drive your business with your digital presence, cutting down the expenses for a physical location.
  • Accepting payments online, saving your Customers time to make a payment in person or your representative in retrospect.

Time is the most important commodity in our fast-paced world yet is nothing but money. Many out there including us run out of time when it comes to spending time for leisure, family or health activities. Making the information available to your customers online, saves you significant amount of time that you might otherwise spend talking to your prospects over the phone, emails or in person. Making information available on your website or mobile app about your products or services in form of graphics, videos or simple text saves you time having to communicate the same message over and over again to different people.


Have you ever imagined that a website or mobile app enables your business to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unlike your physical store or office? This enables your regular and potential customers to view your products or services at their convenience even when your store or office is closed. Even more they can make a direct purchase online without waking you up from sleep.

Let’s consider you don’t have tangible goods, but a service. Now your office is closed, how convenient it is, that your customer can still have the access you and your services digitally and simply book your service by making an appointment or scheduling it online.

A potential customer who would like to contact you, can now simply leave a message on your website using your Contact form.

Market Reach

Internet connection has become a basic need, and so is it widely available globally. This very basic need is all that is needed and anyone from anywhere in the world now has access to your business. Right from remote locations from your region or a different region altogether, whether you offer products or services, you are a business or consumer based, your website or mobile app offers you the opportunity to sell to an alternative location. Think of the barrier your potential customers might have stepping into your store or office physically or your capital investment to set up the same making it available to them, with your mere digital business this is well taken care of.

Like never before the medium to communicate with people has grown enormously, due to technology innovation. And very means to communicate globally has given wings to us to do business with anyone, anywhere, any time enabling the business to attract customers or clients from a global market. One key example is Amazon Shopping, which has a global reach.


Irrespective of the business you are into, a website or a mobile app is a perfect platform to demonstrate your work or area of expertise. You can visually or textually present your portfolio by including images, videos and even Client reviews and testimonials and communicate the differentiating factor of your business.

Not only can you share the greatest piece of your work, but also give back to the community the most valuable information or educational articles increasing their level of awareness and keeping them abreast.


A brand is an abstract but is everything to do with the emotions and how the target audience perceives your business.

All of us had an experience, where just by looking at the logo or the color scheme the business is deciphered. Visuals leave a lasting impression, and so does the branding develop a long-term relation helping you win the Customers. If your website or mobile app has fluidity in color, character, emotion and consistency it is sure to raise the awareness of your business into your viewers and in addition helps you keep them coming as well as speaking of you.

Green Forever

While you reap so many benefits by going digital, you also contribute towards a greener environment by;

Reducing the use of papers and printed materials

Reducing distant travel and promoting local deliveries there by reducing the gas emissions

Word of Caution

Having a website is good, but it is likely to gear up with the pace of technology shifts and the devices used most commonly to access websites. According to the studies in 2018, nearly 58% of the websites were accessed from mobile devices, furthermore 42% of the total time is spent online on mobile devices. It has become essentially important to start the design of any website or app with mobile-first approach.

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