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Digital word has been buzzing for a decade and is now the summit where everyone aims to hoist their flagship product. Thousands of Digital solutions go live every day, but not all make it to the top featured list. Our ultimate objective is to impact lives positively, and we are critically aligned towards cooking best recipe when it comes to serving a Digital Solution on the plate. We operate a bit distinctly, where we do not dive into the technology and solution proposition unless we see the plethora of value in it.

But when we undertake the delivery initiative, our experts drive the end-to-end solution in the most effective environment. We implement the best industry practices and evangelize the vision into a successful product by executing it smoothly, strategically and predictably.

Art to Marvel

Successful mobile or web app design is not all about the artistry or aesthetic screens. Creative UI design will certainly make your app stand out but not necessarily solve the user problem, however intuitive and user experience will. The beauty of any app that we design revolves around the user experience which is structurally integrated with the intuitive user interface design. Our design team is like a coin having 2 sides to it;

  • User Experience (UX): One that performs extensive research & analysis around the target market, culture, audience and competitors
  • User Interface (UI): Other that drives the resulting insights obtained from the research into a holistic output as visual designs

Backed with more than a decade of expertise our UX team primarily focuses on the User Experience strengthening the roots making it Usable, Useful, Findable, Accessible, Valuable, Credible and Desirable.

On the other hand, our visual experts align their creative minds with the UX team capturing the emotions, message from business, service segment and there by derives the typography, color scheme, shapes and placements for the User Interface designs.


Leveraging the foundation of Discovery and architecture of Design, Development is what builds your masterpiece. Yes, the stage of Development, the thousands & millions lines of alien language which develops the bridge between human and the digital world to interact.

Let’s understand our team of gladiators at Home Solutions who actively strive to develop the masterpiece:

Creative Marvels (Design Team)

Late night Ninjas (Development Team)

Cheeseheads for Peace (Product Manager, Project Manager & Business Analyst)

Shakers & Shapers (QA Team)

We operate with an agile yet lean approach when it comes to development. With utmost clarity in what we aim and what we do, we maintain a stack of activities & features with aligned priorities. We plan 10 days sprints picking the features from the stack and progress with continuous delivery methodology. Our approach offers flexibility to adopt any changing or evolving needs, not just that it also produces robust deliveries with absolute transparency.

Although we are agile in nature, we execute projects in controlled environment as we value your investment. Our flexibility nurtures a strong culture of shared responsibility, thereby encouraging you to focus more on your business than on development.

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